What is PIKA?

Pika is a small machine that cleans reusable diapers in one easy step.

How do you use PIKA?

Just throw the diaper in without any pre-cleaning. After 2.5 hours, the diaper is clean and sanitized.

What are the advantages of PIKA?

1) You can use reusable diapers very easily with no effort. The diapers always come out perfectly clean.

2) You don't need to store your soiled diapers anywhere else besides Pika.

3) No need to do any heavy-duty cleaning such as bleaching.

You throw the diaper as it is?!

Yes! Pika cleans the poo for you!  Pika can clean between 1-10 diapers. Just be sure to separate the insert before putting the diaper in the machine.

How are the diapers cleaned?

Our secret is the unique system we developed. Cleaning tablets were specially formulated so that the bacteria-fighting, stain-removing, and soapy washing steps are precisely timed to release and work in unison with the temperature and spin settings of the Pika machine.

What are the dimensions of PIKA?

40 x 40 x 72 cm (15.7 x 15.7 x 28 inches)

Does it need to be connected?

Yes. Pika needs electrical, water, and drain connections.
Most parents choose to place Pika near their current washing machine but the bathroom or any room with a sink works as well.


250 ILS monthly for tablets.

A deposit of 2,000 ILS for the machine. Once you use Pika for at least 12 months you will get back the deposit.

​* 1 month worry-free trial 
* Compatible with all reusable diapers, so you can buy any brand that fits your budget
If you have any questions, feel free to approach us:


What parents think about PIKA?

"I don't know what I will do without Pika... I would probably be using disposables again."

"The diapers come out always clean. Not like when I clean them with my washing machine."



"We don't need to suffer from the smell of all the soiled diapers in my bathroom. With Pika we don't need to store them anywhere besides Pika."


Machine dimensions cm.jpg



Does PIKA clean any reusable diapers?


Does PIKA clean and dry?

Currently only cleaning. But we are going to add a drying function in the next model.

How much time soiled diapers can stay in PIKA?

3 days max.

Can I clean regular clothes with PIKA?


What is in the tablet? Are the ingredients good for my baby's skin?

The tablets consist mainly of enzymes and sanitizing ingredients that dissolve feces and urine and then sanitize the diapers.
The ingredients are used broadly in the detergent industry and specifically for baby products.
Our tablets do not contain any oils or harsh soap additives.

Can I use the tablet with my washing machine?

No. The tablets are designed to work only with Pika.