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What is PIKA?

Pika is a compact machine that cleans reusable diapers in one easy step

How do you use PIKA?

Just throw the diaper in without any pre-cleaning. After 90 minutes, the diaper is clean and sanitized.

You throw the diaper as it is?!

Yes! Pika cleans the poo for you!  Pika can clean between 1-10 diapers.

* Inserts should be separated

How it is possible that the diapers are clean?

This is our secret :) One hint - we developed a unique sanitizing tablet.

What are the dimensions of PIKA?

15.7 x 15.7 x 28 inches 

Does it need to be connected?

Yes. Pika needs electrical, water and drain connections.
Most parents choose to place Pika near their current washing machine but the bathroom or any room with a sink works as well.


Now only $99
When ready to deliver $399 and a monthly cost of $49 for the tablets


Shipping schedule:
Approximately by the end of 2021.

Compatible with any cloth diaper
1 month worry free trial 


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* The first payment is only for the opportunity to be on the waiting list
* You may request a refund if you do not receive the machine. You will get back the full amount minus the transaction fees.
* The $99 preorder cost will be deducted from the full price of the machine when Pika is available to purchase. The estimated price is $399


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